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Shipping Disclosure Policy

Shipping Policy 

SHIPPING DISCLOSURE Our shipping policy is subject to change at any time. Below are typical shipping times we have observed but may not accurately reflect each individual customers specific shipping time.

STORE PROCESSING We take 24 hours to ensure ALL orders are non-fraudulent and no attempts at chargebacks have been made by customers or suspicious individuals. If your order has been marked as fraudulent we will NOT fulfill the order and you will be blocked from making future purchases.

PROCESSING DEPARTMENT We want to get all your items out as soon as possible, but we also want to ensure accuracy. In order to handle the quantity of orders we receive daily, we have several order accuracy and quality assurance checks before your order moves to our fulfillment team.This process can take an additional 1-7 business days (closed weekends).During this time a shipping label is created and tracking information is updated for all customers.

PRE-SHIPMENT STATUS or CONFIRMED By creating shipping labels before fulfillment we ensure that each item is going to the correct customers address.A customer will see a status of “Pre-Shipment” or “Confirmed” associated with your tracking information. This status, again, may not be updated for 1-7 business days (closed weekends). 

FULFILLMENT Before moving to our fulfillment team our processing department verifies no changes or updates have been requested from the customer. Afterwards they proceed to scan each individual order and gather the products associated with that particular order.Depending on how many items ordered and destination of order, it can take an additional 1-7 business days (closed weekends) for the fulfillment team to gather your entire order.

Our fulfillment team is open from 9AM E.S.T to 6PM E.S.T.. Afterwards all remaining orders for the day are put on “hold” and resumed tomorrow.Orders that have been completely fulfilled and properly packaged for USPS that are not placed in the “delivery” bin before 4PM E.S.T will go out the following business day.       

IF A CUSTOMER REQUEST TO MAKE A CHANGE Please try to email us within 24 hours after placing your order to make changes. Any changes that need to be made can be emailed to our support team at (your store email)If we can NOT make a change to your order before it has shipped out to you, please review our Returns/Exchange policy. 

MISSING MAIL or DELIVERY INACCURATE Unfortunately we cannot control or change anything once your order has left our warehouse.If you are missing mail or your order has been delivered to the wrong address, the customer needs to contact their local postal office. Below are the contact numbers for the United States Postal System.USPS Updated Tracking Information - 

1-800-222-1811 USPS Lost / Damaged / Missing Mail - 

1-800-275-8777 You can also contact the United States Postal System by filing a claim online at the website below.